North Bay Alexander Technique

Lesson Rates

individual lessons $30 for 30 min.

In my experience, longer lessons are not necessarily as helpful as more frequent lessons.

Beyond 30 min. our system tends to get overloaded and we risk a potential shut down to new ideas and sensory experiences.

Generally, we need rest and time to consider new ideas and allow the corresponding changes to occur in our bodies between lessons.

Students interested in more frequent lessons are welcome to schedule additional lessons during a given week (2, 3 or 5 would not be out of the question).

It is my understanding that Alexander REQUIRED new students to come daily for at least 3 weeks (sometimes longer, based on their specific case).

After that initial period, lessons with Alexander usually tapered off to several per week, 2 or 3 per week, and finally, 1 per week.

For the most part, nowadays, the common practice is to have one lesson per week.

Taking more frequent or longer lessons does not necessarily help a student learn faster.

Our rate of progress is unique and based on our willingness to give new ways of thinking a chance work their way in.

group classes $60 for 60 min. (1 teacher)

Generally, a group class in the Alexander Technique is not as effective as a private lesson.

Since, this work involves one-on-one "hands-on" work, with groups larger than 5-6, everyone attending may not have access to the "hands-on" experinece.

One potential solution would be to keep classes small enough so this is not an issue.

Another potential solution would be to have more than one teacher available when a larger class setting is necessary.

This would allow more students to experinece the "hands-on" work.

Again, private lessons are the best scenario and the way that Alexander taught, but there are circumstances where that is not practical.

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