North Bay Alexander Technique

What is the Alexander Technique?

Hendrix demonstrating Alexander's direction "Knees forward and away" to his playmate.

The young boy on the left (above) is demonstrating a squat with head balanced and knees directing "forward and away" quite well, without understanding what he is doing. This leads me to the conclusion that  our system is created (hard-wired) with proper understanding of how to function well. We have learned, through a lifetime of somewhat sub-conscious habits, to interfere with what we are born with: poise, grace, ease, lightness, etc. 

Please allow me to describle the Alexander techniuqe by first indicating what it is NOT. This leads me to the idea that the Alexander Technique involves prevention through inhibition (making the decision "not to do"). That inhibition is avaialble to us at any time we choose to exercise it. Inhibition is what allows us to clear away interference that we have allowed to become a part of our system.

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